About Us.

QED (Quite Easily Done) is a discreet marketing company developed to provide a vehicle to innovate, produce and distribute products to a targeted market sector.

QED is borne out of a joint venture between Dale Riley and Ian Garrow, who have many years experience dealing with major department stores, chain stores, specialty group stores and independent retailers across a broad range of product groups. We leverage our resources, commercial background, national and international contacts and network to deliver innovative products to a broad marketplace throughout Australia and New Zealand.


QED has the ability to work across all manner of businesses and organisations, helping to push through and bring clarity, working tirelessly towards a commercially viable proposition. Our expertise is in creative interpretation the brief, and getting quality product to market quickly.

Our experienced team become an extension of yours: a think tank, full of ideas for innovation, and the experience and connections to save you time and money.


If you have a problem or an opportunity, but are not sure how to tackle it... we can help!

QED has just released a travel range to the Australian market under the Ready Set Travel brand which was commissioned by a leading Australian retail chain.

QED is now establishing its own Walkabout Travel range for the broader market. Additionally we have released an innovative range of stationery products under the Dot Dot Dash banner.

QED will continue to release innovative products and brands that can provide niche market needs or a broader market footprint:
> Innovation
> Exclusivity

> Speed to market
> Point of difference
> Great value
> Fantastic quality
> Strong business relationships

These are the key pillars to QED’s market expectation.