Private label.

Our team leverage our extensive experience in product design and development, sourcing and procurement, product quality control and established logistics network to develop and deliver private label ranges for retailers, such as the Ready Set Travel brand which was commissioned by a leading Australian retail chain.

QED management has many years experience dealing with major department stores, chain stores, specialty group stores and independent retailers across a broad range of product groups including:

> Stationery

> Fitness

> Party products

> Homewares

> Toy Industry


> Wipes

> Leisure gear

> Hobby products

> Travel accessories

> Foot care

> Feminine hygiene, menstrual cups

> Incontinence products

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Product sourcing.

Our team have many years experience collaborating with buyers from major department stores, chain stores, specialty group stores and independent retailers.

We assist retailers with product sourcing and development across a broad range of product categories.


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the development process

We work with you to develop a private label offering, or to source 
individual product. Share with us your ideas, and we can work with you to bring your vision to fruition.


Share your ideas and product requirements. We can also assist with market research and packaging design.


We utilise our extensive networks to source product which is the right fit for your unique requirements.


Once you have selected suitable options, we supply samples for your approval. 


Our manufacturing
and logistics partners work with us to ensure product is delivered to your DC with the quality and within the time-frame you expect.